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What is Tail Paint?

Generically, Tail Paint is a heat detection aid used in the bovine industry prior Artificial Insemination of Dairy Cattle. It assists in accurately indicating to the farmer that the cow is on Heat (in Estrus) and thus ready for Artificial Insemination.  The semen for (Artificial Insemination of Cows) purchased by farmers can be very expensive and thus to ensure that their investments are not wasted, heat detection aids are required to accurately detect the Estrus cycle in Cattle. 
How it works – The paint is painted on the tail-head (top end of tail) section of the cow in a 15 x 5cm strip.  When cows mount in each other (this is a sign that the standing cow is in Heat), the paint will be rubbed off by crumbling, thus a sure sign that the cow is on heat.

TAIL PAINTTM was developed and tested in SOUTH AFRICA for all weather conditions. The South African weather patterns are generally balance with wet and dry conditions throughout the year and is therefore suitable for export markets as well.


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